NAE Reinsurance

•You Can be assured that you are backed by the best!

•Full Suite of Products backed by an AM Best ‘A’ Rated Insurance Company

NAE security

•Administration fee is ‘earned’.

The administration fee is amortized over the term of the policy, just like the contract itself is earned.

•The pricing includes a ‘Contingency Fee’ paid to the insurer. This protects not only you as the dealer,  but the customer as well.

If our administration company becomes insolvent or has a catastrophic failure, the insurers’ administration team will taken our responsibilities, immediately.

NAE Administration

Continuous communication of vital customer and claims information provided in real time. This information is yours and as your administrator, they feel its too valuable for you not to know what they know, as soon as they know it! NO OTHER COMPANY ATTEMPTS TO DO THIS!

•Real-time email communication

•Live Claims Desktop

•On-line claim submission

NAE Tech Advantage

•Proprietary claims adjudication software that allows for claim results that are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS.

•NAE finished December 2013 at a 95.21% service level and a 6.44 second speed answer. WOW!

•Seemless eBusiness options: eRating, eContracting, eRemittance

•Online reporting that is unmatched

NAE Reins aD

About 90% of their business is reinsured to our Dealers. Kelly Price started administering contracts in 1996. This was partly due to the frustration of working with administration companies that made it very difficult to understand where the dealership’s money was and what the costs of doing business were. You will never wonder how your reinsurance position is doing, or where to find your information. NAE will also reinsure virtually our entire suite of products. Don’t leave your reserves with the insurer, no matter what products you are selling!