In a current auto industry article there is a discussion on how lease transactions affect the F&I department profitability.  The long term benefit to the dealer is a customer that will be back in the market in 2-3 years.  Immediately though, the F&I perception that lease transactions are like cash deals or the only money to be made is reserve, has to change!  But before that perception can be changed there are probably a couple of questions to address:  Do you have the proper suite of lease products available that will eliminate the relevant risk your lease customers would otherwise have to assume?  Do you or your F&I team have the proper coaching on how to present these products to the customer and more importantly, know the products you/they are offering?  More often than not, we find dealerships that have low lease profits don’t have the right lease products available for their F&I managers to offer their customers.  Lease customers usually lease to minimize the risk they are exposed to by owning a vehicle and enjoy a lower monthly payment in doing so.  Therefore, if you provide the right product options to these very same customers in a consultative selling manner, you will see your penetrations increase as well as your profits!  Just as important, when F&I managers become more comfortable with presenting products consistently and properly to lease customers instead of applying their own bias, results will improve.  If you or your F&I team want to check out our selling system that creates engagement with your customers visit and fill out our contact us form for more information!