I recently met with an F&I manager in a Virginia dealership that was constantly seeing numbers above $800 per car from his manufacturer rep and he didn’t understand how it could actually happen.  His dealer had always told him he was doing a GREAT job at $750-$800 a car.  The real reason the dealer was comfortable at $750-$800 a car is because that’s all he THOUGHT could be produced at HIS store.  This is mind boggling to me!  If you are an F&I manager saying I need F&I training anywhere then visit www.advancedfi.com and we will not only tell, but show your dealer that they obviously have the right person because you WANT to be trained, now they just need the right products and process BACKED up by a great training company and you WILL ELEVATE your performance!  We provide the coaching, the selling process and the products that perform for the dealer AND the customer!