A common thread with high producing F&I managers is the technique in which they use to ‘sell’ their F&I products.  It is called consultative selling.  In a nutshell, Consultative Selling means to learn about the customer’s needs BEFORE you sell them by assisting the buyer in identifying their needs.  Once you have identified needs, you then move on to WHY the customer NEEDS the products you are offering, followed by what the products actually DO and then close on how they BENEFIT the customer.  Too often F&I managers focus on what the products do without identifying the ‘needs’ first and closing with how ‘what the benefits DO’ actually benefit the customer.  If you want to increase your F&I results, focus on what is best for your customer be providing them better information so THEY can make a better, more informed decision to either assume the risk or protect themselves!  Adding the AFIS Selling System is the ultimate way to put all the above together by separating the product presentation from closing on payment!  Visit the www.advancedfi.com/contact-us/ page for a demo!  ABC!