I was just at a Honda dealer yesterday and met an F&I Manager that has been with this dealer for 26 years!!! I was impressed on a lot of levels. Her commitment, the dealers commitment, the management teams commitment, that is just not the norm! We started to talk about what type of training or coaching she is provided and her response was “I really don’t need any more training at this point.” I proceeded to ask her how well she is doing at PPRU and PRU and her response was, “you aren’t going to believe how great I am at selling VSC’s!” So, I anxiously awaited for her to pull up the Honda report. She showed me a report showing she was at 187% VSC penetration! Obviously, I was impressed! Next, she told me that she always consistently did a great job in her department running right at $800 per car. There is so much to say here, but I think the important thing to say is this, once you stop learning, you begin to forget. Advanced F&I Solutions is one of the most sought after F&I training companies because we help our F&I managers understand that the only ceiling they are limited to is the ceiling they place above themselves. With a commitment to understanding how to better engage your customers so they can make better, more informed decisions, your F&I results will continue far beyond $800 per copy regardless how many lease deals your dealership does. Visit www.advancedfi.com to learn more and get started with a plan, strategy and process to elevate your performance!